Thursday, May 28, 2009

Last Person on the Bandwagon

Sometimes I think I am the last person to figure out things that everyone else has been doing forever.

I kept thinking of things that I wanted to look at on the exterior of the Drake. I made multiple trips downtown....I even sent my partner down with a camera for more pictures.

Last night, I FINALLY checked out Google Earth and Google Maps. Wow....I can't believe how helpful the images are.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just back from meeting with one of the engineers at the Drake Hotel to see the blueprints. He led me into a tiny room behind all the electricals.....there were bins full of tubes with plans from all the permutations across the years. It was overwhelming.

Then we found it....the original 1920 blueprints by Marshall and Fox. I can't believe they are just rolled up in the basement. They so need to be donated to the Chicago Historical Society and properly restored. They weren't particularly helpful....but very cool to see.

It took a huge effort, but we finally found something that should be helpful. However, it took so long that I totally forgot that I would need a section too in order to get the floor to floor heights.



Welcome to my first blog. These days, I find myself daydreaming about space... be it my most recent school project, my home, my next home, or my next vacation.

Daydreaming is not new to me. It is rare that my head and my body are in the same place. When my mind is not buried deep in a book, it is usually somewhere in the clouds. I daydream as I walk down the street, as I ride the bus, as I go from place to place at work. Often it gets me into trouble. I miss my bus stop and get off the elevator on the wrong floor. I trip over the pavement and run into things. However, I would hate to miss all the wonderful images and thoughts.