Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Final Banners for Thesis Prep

For thesis prep, I stayed mostly in the theoretical. Rather than focusing in on the design of a whole hotel for travelers with healthcare needs, I decided to direct my attention to one aspect...namely the a spa that would also function as a medical clinic. I have done some preliminary work looking at programming, adjacencies, and layout, but I didn't get into the final design. I have been working creating a design language to guide me in the design. I am basing in on genetic coding, which I consider to be at the forefront of medical innovation.

Final Boards for Advanced Digital & Computational Design

For the final in Advanced Digital & Computational Design, I had to design something with parametric controls. For the spa I'm doing as part of my thesis, I wanted the reception to have a dramatic light wall, which would shift in colors and intensity based on where a person was in the room.

(Please pardon the cut and bleed marks on the boards. These are what I sent to the printer.)

Code in Grasshopper

Variations Based on Location in Room


Shifting Light Wall

I am furthering my experiments using Grasshopper as a parametric tool for lighting design. In this instance, I am designing a light feature wall for my spa. The idea is that wall has two sets of lights: gentle pink cans in the background, and purple lights in front whose size and intensity is controlled by an aperture. As a person walks across the floor, pressure sensors detect the position and calculate a point in room. The distance of each light from the new point is determined and the apertures of the purple lights are adjusted. So, as the person crosses the room, the should be constant shifting of the lights.