Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Presentation Boards for The Jellyfish

This is the midterm presentation board for the Jellyfish lighting fixture design.

Lighting Fixture: The Jellyfish

My final lighting design for my Advanced Digital and Computation Design midterm is the Jellyfish fixture. The Jellyfish is actually one configuration of a client configurable line of lights, which utilizes the parametric design capabilities of Grasshopper.

While a rendering was not required, I really wanted to get a sense of how this would look. This is probably one of my better renderings. After designing the fixture in Grasshopper and "baking" it into Rhino, I moved the fixture over to 3D Studio Max to tweak the design, add materials, and set up lights. I then rendered it and made several adjustments in Photoshop to get the final image.