Monday, June 1, 2009

trip to the mart....or "oy, my back hurts"

I slipped away to go scavenging at the Mart for a few hours. I have been dreading this. I think I am so used to being "expert" in my current profession, that I hate appearing as a complete novice. I still don't feel that I really belong there. But....I forced myself to go anyways.

I tried to hit the floors marked for commercial interiors (3,10,11) but everything seemed to be closed for renovation or something....most of the windows were papered over. I was able to get some great samples at Holly Hunt and Farrow & Ball. I was in a few other showrooms...people were friendly, but I didn't find anything particularly helpful. Eventually, my back was aching (the place is huge and the floors are hard) which was a good sign that I should return to work.

I hope this gets easier with time. At least, I'm getting a sense of where things are.