Sunday, January 8, 2012

Design for Real

Well, I'm in it for real now. I have done my thesis defense and all that remains between me and graduation is submitting the final version of my thesis paper. I'll have my third degree, a Master of Arts in Interior Design.

My plan is to obtain a position in healthcare design, likely in planning or programming. However, while we are searching for jobs, two of my classmates and I have decided to form a firm to keep our feet wet in design. That way we can continue making money in our current jobs, job search, and continue to design.

Even though we are only halfway through the process of establishing our firm, we are already working with our first client. Granted, this is pro bono work, but it will be a great way for us to work out any kinks in our processes. Also, as this is a restaurant, we anticipate being able to get some great PR out of this.

While this our firm was mostly expected to be a way to keep us involved in design, it may be that this actually works out into a viable venture. I am so excited!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

D4 Irish Pub - a study in scale

D4 is a pub just off the Magnificent Mile in Chicago. The food and beer are quite good. The ambiance is a near miss. I feel they picked nice finishes and fixtures, but the scale is completely off. The whole pub is swallowed up by the cavernous ceilings.