Thursday, May 27, 2010

Doggone Sticky

There's always little surprises when dogs are in your life. I got home from class last night and had two surprises. First, there was a note saying the Jack had gum on his belly....which confirmed what we had been suspecting, that the new dogwalker had the two dogs confused. Second, there really was gum all over Ricky's belly. I quick Google-search later, I had a plan. Ricky got a belly massage with cooking oil, which really did loosen and remove all of the gum. Then he got a bath.

Baths for the dogs really are illustrative of how we have adapted the place to their presence. We used to do the traditional.........washing them in the tub. However, we have a deep tub, and a small weiner dog sits low in a tub like that. It was a logistical difficulty, and one that always left me with an achy back. However, a tween sized weiner (15 pounds, in between miniature and standard) fits perfectly in the kitchen sink.

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