Thursday, November 25, 2010

A few steps backwards...

I freaked out earlier this week.  I met with a dialysis nurse to gain a better sense of how the dialysis machines actually work.  Wow....a lot of plumbing is involved.  Of course, I knew that from my case study, but it is still a bit overwhelming.  I also was thinking about a drug-resistant organism infection rate of about 20%, and she was thinking more like 80%.  As I started to thinking about this in the context of the Inland Steel Building and I just couldn't make it work.  I started panicking!

I met with my professor on Tuesday to discuss just how the plumbing would have to look to make my ideas work.  We confirmed what I really cannot work in the Inland Steel Building and maintain the historic design of the building.  However, at this point it would be near impossible to start from scratch.

So, I'll be working on the Inland Steel Building, but not.  I will reimagining the building as a lower rise building using the same floor plates.  I still need for this to be an urban project, so I need to pick a new site for this "new building" in the Chicago loop (looking for empty lots).  I then need to review all the work I've done so far in terms of space planning, especially the use and location of the cores.  I guess it is better than starting from scratch.

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